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Concentrated universal super cleaner for all hard washable surfaces
extraordinary cleaning
Glazed Ceramic
Porcelain Gres
Fire Places
All the surfaces
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CHIT FORTE is a concentrated degreasing agent that is a universal super cleaner for all hard washable surfaces, which is also effective and quick when diluted in hot water (which boosts the degreasing power) to clean floors and remove stains on porcelain stoneware.

All washable hard surfaces, such as: ceramic, single-fired, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, coatings and counter tops, laminates, hoods, cookers, ovens, stoves, fireplaces, barbecues, grills, baking pans and stoves to be cleaned from grease, fouling and carbon residue.


CHIT FORTE is an ultra-concentrated product. Always dilute before use.


CHIT FORTE diluted 1:10 in the special sprayer with foamer or 100 ml in 1 litre of warm water to clean doors, windows, formica tops, tiles, appliances, sanitary ware, etc. Spray or apply it with a sponge and dry with a cloth or paper towel. It does not have to be rinsed.


Diluted 1:1 or 1:2 to remove stains from porcelain stoneware and marble; to be used as a fume cleaner for dirt deriving from smoke and soot on glass ceramic; and to remove grease deposits and old and dry dirt from machines, ovens, hoods, grills, and barbecues. Rinse surfaces after use.


Diluted from 1:3 to 1:5 for deep cleaning of very greasy floors in workshops, kitchens, butchers and fishmongers. Soak the surfaces and then rub with brushes and special scouring pads.


For daily use of floor cleaning machines add 100 ml of product (two measuring cups) to every 5 litres of warm water. It does not have to be rinsed. Remove any foam by adding the defoamer in the reserve water tanks.

L 1x12
L 5x4


The yield varies according to the dilution and the dirt to be removed. For the floor: 5-10 sq m/L.

The product may have an oxidant effect on non-anodised aluminium and may discolour surfaces.
Composition Type
Safety Data Sheet:
Chit Forte
Potassium hydroxide (less than 5%) in anionic - non-ionic surfactants
biodegradable over 90%
Physical state liquid
Colour pale yellow
Flash point non-flammable
Specific weight 1.020 g/mL
pH 14 (sol. 1%)

Ingredients in compliance with EC Regulation no. 648/2004
Non-ionic surfactants: less than 5%
Anionic surfactants: between 5% and 15%
Scents: citral, geraniol, limonene and linalool

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