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Water repellent restoring effect
Natural stones
Glazed Ceramic
Porcelain Gres
Cement Floor
All the surfaces
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EFFE 3 is CONCENTRATED; always dilute before use.

EFFE 3 is new generation, water-based, restoring protection. In fact, it consists of a blend of modified siloxanes, water-repellent compounds and perfluoro acrylic copolymer (C4) with oil repellent performance.

For outdoor artefacts and floors it is used as a single product for an anti-stain "restoring" water repellent treatment.

In indoor treatment, it replaces the base primer; the wax finish protects the treatment against wear and facilitates the daily cleaning process.

EFFE 3 protects all outdoor and indoor absorbent and porous artefacts and floors, such as: terracotta, clinker, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, stone, porphyry, Cardoso, slate, marble and antique travertine, cement and its artefacts (self-sealing), joints between tiles, etc.


Always dilute by pouring the product in pure water and not vice versa.

-         Add 250 ml to 0.750 litres of water (1+3) to waterproof terraces from water infiltration and absorbent floors, such as handmade terracotta, tuff, split stones, etc.

-         Add 250 ml to 1.250 litres of water (1+5) for industrial terracotta, campigiane stone, slate, natural stone, cement and its artefacts (self-sealing) and joints between tiles. This dilution is available on request as EFFE 300 PRONTO ALL’USO.

-         Add 250 ml to 1.750 litres of water (1+7) for low absorption surfaces, such as polished marble and granite, stoneware, porcelain stoneware, porphyry, diorite, etc.

-         Add 250 ml to 2.250 litres of water (1+9) for smooth (polished) surfaces and low absorption materials, such as porphyry, granite, slate, quartz cement, etc.

When the floor is clean and dry (if washed with acid, neutralise with R-24), apply by brush, roller or spray (low pressure) or an applicator. Outdoors: apply 2 coats at an interval of 4 hours. Indoors: remember that the floor will be waxed. For the wax finish (polished or matte), wait at least 48 hours for the floor to have no damp patches.

For very rough surfaces, such as sand-blasted terracotta or chiselled stone, apply a coat of SOLWAX 48 hours before waxing.

L 0,25X10
L 2X4


5-10 sq m/L ready for use (for 2 coats). The yield varies according to the dilution and porosity of the surface.

Never use it undiluted; add the product to water and not vice versa. The product hardens when it makes contact with air, therefore the containers must be hermetically sealed to prevent prolonged contact time with the air. Store in a cool, dark, well ventilated place. Where necessary, remove excess product with DECERANTE FORTE MADRAS diluted with hot water.

NOTE The instructions derive from thorough experiments and established use; however, it is still appropriate to verify product compatibility with the individual materials for the first time. Always perform a test on a sample or a small hidden area, carefully following the instructions on the label.
Protect from frost. Semi-permanent product for outdoor floors; periodically reapply a coat (on clean and neutralised surfaces) every 2-3 years. Do not apply where there may be persistent rising damp as it could enhance material flaking and on a surface with little gradient. Do not apply on red-hot surfaces due to the sun or on very windy days and if below 10 °C. Cracks wider than 0.3 mm must be closed before the treatment.
Composition Type
Safety Data Sheet:
Effe 3
perfluoro acrylic copolymer (C4) with modified siloxane
Physical state liquid
Colour milky pale yellow
Flash point not applicable
pH 7
Specific weight 1.000 g/mL

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