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Universal self-polishing wax
Natural stones
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WAXMARMO is a water-based, scratch-resistant, self-polishing wax, formulated to facilitate maintenance of polished, satin-finished or antique rough floors; it can be polished with a cloth or a polishing machine.

For daily washing, clean with warm water and MARMOBRILL, the neutral detergent that does not leave any marks or PROFUMATO, the degreaser that does not damage the wax.

Marble, granite, travertine, granular, Palladian and Venetian terrace, antique marble and rock, terracotta, clinker, reclaimed marble, resin floors and stone.

For polished floors

Apply a coat of undiluted WAXMARMO at a temperature that exceeds 15 °C with a soft cloth or applicator, on to a clean and dry floor and closed windows to avoid excess wax and rapid drying, which could leave overlaps and stains. 

It is recommended to seal absorbent marble by first applying a coat of 1 OR or POLYGRES, the natural effect water and oil repellent protection; the wax can be applied after 2 days.


For rough, satin-finished or aged floors 

Apply a sealing treatment with PRIMER-NEUTRO for a natural effect or with POLISHMARMO for a wet-look stain and wear protection. 

After 4 days apply a coat of WAXMARMO following the same procedures as those of polished floors.

L 1x12
L 5x4
(on request L10 - L 20)

undiluted 12 - 30 sq m/L (1 coat); diluted to 50%: over 30 sq m/L
The product does not require special precautions, however, keep out of reach of children.
Avoid contact with the eyes and skin. If swallowed, induce vomiting and seek medical advice. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water, do not remove adhering material, but seek medical advice.
Protect from frost. Please note that waxing polished surfaces acts as protection, however, it does not give the same shine as the original effect. Apply WAXMARMO with a temperature that exceeds 15 °C and with closed
windows. When the temperature is below 15 °C, it may not polymerise and therefore, whiten (if necessary, heat the room beforehand). Do not use on outdoor floors.
It is not advisable to apply the wax on rainy days or with high humidity.
If the floor was washed with STON or an acidic detergent before applying WAXMARMO or during maintenance, make sure it is perfectly neutralised (refer to R-24 IL NEUTRALIZZANTE that is to be used in the rinse water), in order to prevent the acid affecting the wax.
Composition Type
Safety Data Sheet:
Scattered natural and synthetic wax
Physical state liquid, scented
Colour milky white
Flash point non-flammable
pH 7
Specific weight 1.000 g/mL
Ingredients in compliance with EC Regulation no. 648/2004.
Scents: Benzyl salicylate, Cinnamal and Geraniol.

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