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Neutral, eco-friendly detergent biodegradable with a hypoallergenic scent
daily cleaning
Glazed Ceramic
Porcelain Gres
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Thanks to its composition (with vegetable origin surfactants), MARMOBRILL leaves no stains and degrades easily and quickly.

Thanks to its revolutionary formulation, MARMOBRILL can be used on all floors and washable surfaces and does not have to be rinsed.

MARMOBRILL is neutral, does not damage your hands, it is scented and leaves a fresh clean smell.

MARMOBRILL is concentrated and only 25 cc per wash is required.

All polished floors such as marble, granite, parquet, PORCELAIN STONEWARE (polished, honed, textured and matte), and washable hard surfaces such as doors, windows, furniture, etc.


FOR THE FLOOR: dilute half a measuring cup (25 cc) in 3-5 litres of tepid water; does not have to be rinsed.

FOR WASHABLE SURFACES: dilute 1 measuring cup (50 cc) in 1 litre of hot water, sponge or spray the surface that is to be cleaned and dry with a cloth, (does not have to be rinsed).

L 1x12
L 5x4
(on request L 10 - L 20)
The product does not require special precautions, however, keep out of reach of children. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of water. If swallowed, induce vomiting and seek medical advice.
NOTE Do not use with very hard water as this may leave limestone residue.
If necessary, wipe the dry floor with a wool cloth and only acid-resistant floor can be washed with a water softener.
The surfactants contained in this product comply with the biodegradability criteria stipulated in the EC Regulation No. 648/2004 concerning detergents.
Composition Type
Safety Data Sheet:
Vegetable origin surfactants
Physical state liquid
Scent fragrant, myrrh, peach, ginger, pine
Colour amber
pH 7
Specific weight 1.000 g/mL
Biodegradability >90%
Biodegradability BOD/COD>60% degrades easily and quickly with low consumption

P.S. BOD/COD is the biological and chemical oxygen demand; their ratio indicates how much more
naturally biodegradable a substance dissolved in water is.

Ingredients in compliance with EC Regulation no. 648/2004: Non-ionic surfactants between 5% and 15%. Amphoteric surfactants <5%.
Scents: myrrh, peach, ginger and pine (hypoallergenic).

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